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Since my current focus on my blog has been on Online Business Education,
I myself have gone to Mexico to get the most advanced education possible.

I know that most people don’t like the word “Education” since it kind of
reminds you of those wonderful or dreaded high school years.
You either liked it or you hated it.
I don’t think there was a middle road when it came to your education.

I focused on the techy stuff with online marketing. There are so many
cool tools and the internet and social media are always amazing me.

Even back in my youth, I liked the Math and Science stuff but did not
care for the history and literature where reading was the way to learn it.

But back to the reason for my Mexico trip. I wanted to go deeper in the 3 pillars of Internet Marketing



So I attended a Mastermind training at a beautiful resort.

Really takes you out of your comfort zone, when most of your vacations consisted of visiting your sister in Florida. That is not to bad since she does live about 15 miles from the ocean ;-).






The mastermind is set in a out of the norm place to have you realize the potential of what you can do with your life and learn from those that are experiencing success in their life and business.
I am talking about Multi-millionaires from around the globe, taking time out of their day to share their success.


You can Discover more about this and other trips that are sponsored by a company name Mobe.

You can learn about HTAM or High Ticket affiliate Marketing easily, since Matt has a new book.
He is the CEO of Mobe and my friend and business partner.



He wants to share his experience with you for Free.

Get his book “Limitless” Now and discover what is the HTAM method and what are your passions about in life
and what you want for your future and that of your family.

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If you get a copy of the book for yourself, I will give you 30 minute strategy session to answer some of your questions.

Send and email to me (address below) with Subject: I would like to schedule my Limitless Strategy Session.

Please don’t miss this opportunity.

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